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Power In the Valley Temple

Imagine a resource center where you restore your health in a full service medical center complete with medical doctors, dentist, optometrist, and a pharmacist. A facility with education classes, college preparatory classes, and job training that also provides low cost childcare, and after school programs! Imagine all of these services being available at no cost or minimal cost in a state of the art facility where you will be treated with dignity and respect.

Economic Development will be a major thrust of this ministry.This will be accomplished through local training and local business development. We believe this development will combat deterioration by assisting those businesses within our community. We also believe that this will eliminate prejudice and lesson the burden of local government.

This is the plan for the Power In the Valley Temple.

The latest census report on this Terrell Texas community showed: 60% of the residents depend on the emergency room for their primary care, and 58% are below the poverty level. The unemployment rate is about 39% and only 24% have a high school diploma. In a door-to-door survey, 67% of the people said their number one need was a good job. Power In the Valley Ministry feels it is time to take action!

We have identified nearly twenty five acres of vacant land in the perfect location to finally take action, change lives, the neighborhood, and the city of Terrell Texas. We have developed detailed plans for this vision. God willing, as finances become available we are going to build this state of the art facility

This facility will become the role model for faith-based facilities throughout the country. Nowhere else can anyone, in need, without insurance, abuse victims, ex-offenders, substance abusers, and with limited funds, receive so many services at a single location. Our services will be delivered in a culturally sensitive manner in an atmosphere of Christian love that gives people dignity and hope.

This will be a Christian Paradise for the community, the city, and the state of Texas.

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