· Food bank center (Hot food)

· Hot meals will be served Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:00am until 1 :00pm

· Food giveaway Tuesday- Thursday 9am – 12pm

· Meals on wheels to serve those in the community who are not able to get around.

Power in the Valley Hall of Wisdom Center

(Senior Citizen)

· 8:00am until 5:00pm Recreation

· Movies

· Word of God

· Games

· Knitting & More


Our vision

· Healthcare by creating compassionate and rewarding expenses for every person we touch in the community we serve.

Program Overview

· Our Clinic will share a combined campus offering Skilled Nursing Care and Residential Care, meeting the full healthcare needs in one convenient location.

Services Offered & Include

· Physical Rehabilitation

· Physical Education

· Patient /Family Education

· Nutritional Support

· Electrical Stimulation

· Whirl Pool

· Specialty Beds

· And more

Treatment Teams

· Our team of professionals offers an approach to each patient’s care. We arrange to discuss care and treatment plans, establish goals, and answer questions.

Our Staff

· Our clinic offers an extensive team of professionals dedicated to provide quality, compassionate healthcare to patients.

· Certified Registered Nurses

· Registered Dieticians

· Case Management / Discharge Planning

Physical Rehabilitation

· As a compliment to the many medically complex programs offered at our clinic, our Treatment team includes Physical and Occupational Therapist. This team works in tandem with various programs to restore strength, endurance, and diminished function, often associated with extended illness.

Physical Therapy

· As part of the rehabilitation team, Physical therapists implement appropriate for each individual patient with goals on improving endurance, strength, transfer ability, and range of motion, and balance.

Occupational Therapy

· Occupational Therapy will focus on improving strength and function in the upper body. This will involves such things, as improving self-care skills such as dressing, grooming, eating and bathing.

Questions that might be ask

How do I make a referral?

· Referral can be made by a Physician, Case Manager, Discharge Planner, or member of a family.

What Insurance do you accept?

· ALL or none

Power in the Valley Ministries also plans to offer to the Community of Terrell Texas a

Group Home

(Women home outreach)

· Battered women who have been abused

· Addict to drugs

· Youth Pregnancy program

· Homeless

Youth Christian Academy

Will offer to the kids several activities to reduce the obesity rate and to keep kids active and healthy. The Academy will offer

· Bible classes

· Day care (little to no cost)

· Outdoor activities such as sports not just limited to basketball and football, but fishing, baseball, racket ball, tennis, volleyball and more.

· Indoor activities (movies & games)

· Teaching kids why they’re young to become leaders for tomorrow.

· Teaching kids how to help keep the environment clean.

This academy will help kids grow mentally & physically. It also teaches the young how to appreciate been a part of the community.

Power in the Valley Ministries will also provide a Prison outreach program

· Programs equip prisoners with skills to re-enter society.

· In addition to food, shelter, clothing, recovery support, program classes, educational development, job skills training.

· The Ministries plans are to go to Prisons and also teach the word of god, and to minister to inmates.

· Prison Outreach helps to prepare today's inmates to be tomorrow's good citizens

Through one-on-one support, individuals returning home from incarceration are reducing the obstacles they face. With a mentor, inmates will receive the emotional and social support necessary to encourage them to lead meaningful lives that include productive employment, pro-social activities, and healthy relationships between them and God.

Power in the Valley Ministries short- term goals are to start on 25 acres and continue to expand within the next year or two as enrollment and population in the community increases. Also far as long – term goals Power in the Valley Ministries is looking forward towards purchasing 105 acres for a group youth home, gymnasium, kitchen, workout center, training facility, batter women center, and a prison outreach program for the less fortunate. We will serve people who are not able to work due to his & her criminal background history. Working through Power in the Valley Ministries work programs, and the local businesses to help rebuild these individuals’ spiritual, physical, mentally to be a great resource in the community.

Whatever other support we can get from you and others throughout the world let, us build this paradise starting in the city of Terrell in the state of Texas. That it would be a beacon light throughout the world to be a blessing to every societies of every nationality. In other words brothers and sisters through the body of Christ let us not talk about what the church is NOT doing, let us be about our fathers business.

Yes, we can!!!

Contact Bishop Tolbert today at 877-553-8881!